Our story

IMV imaging is the dedicated veterinary diagnostic imaging department within the IMV Technologies group.

In December 2017, BCF and ECM (Echo Control Medical) merged with IMV Technologies, to create IMV imaging. IMV Technologies has over 50 years’ experience as the leader of innovations in animal artificial insemination and embryo transfer with operations in over 130 counties. 

Combining the expertise of both BCF Technology and ECM, IMV imaging has over 35 years’ experience in providing cutting edge imaging technology to the veterinary market.

All our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house or sourced from the world's leading healthcare and imaging providers. We are specialists in veterinary imaging - ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI and PACS. Whatever the species, small animal, equine and farm animals, we can help.

We were the first to develop a water resistant, wearable bovine ultrasound scanner that allowed users to view the image on a head-mounted display and we continue to put innovation at the heart of all we do.  Over the years we have continually listened to our customer's wishes and suggestions to make their working day easier. Our scanners have become smaller and lighter, so now you can wear them all day, making it easier to move around the farm and increase your productivity. Our designs have become more rugged and able to cope with the harsh environment of the farm, stable and veterinary clinic.

Initially founded in Scotland (BCF) and France (ECM and IMV), the IMV Technologies group continue to invest in these locations whilst expanding with offices in the USA, India, China, Italy, The Netherlands and South Africa as well as an extensive network of distributors across the globe.

We are committed to achieving our vision through remaining committed to our core values of partnership, learning and innovation;

  • To be the world leader in the invention, development and provision of animal diagnostic imaging equipment.
  • To build a team of world-class experts and maintain an inspiring working environment in which they can excel.
  • To deliver technology that really makes a difference in animal care.
  • imv logo
    BCF Technology and ECM (Echo Control Medical) merge to form IMV imaging, a dedicated imaging department within the IMV Technologies group. The current directors and senior management team will lead the company as IMV imaging and continue to deliver and invest in the values of partnership, learning and innovation.
  • imv bcf ecm
    Both BCF Technology and ECM (Echo Control Medical) merge with the IMV Technologies Group. Together, these innovative and progressive businesses will be better positioned to deliver outstanding imaging products and services to our veterinary and animal clients throughout the world.
  • BCF Academy logo
    Launch the BCF Academy to bring together all our learning resources.
  • img_7398
    BCF install first Epica equine CT system in the UK at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, Edinburgh
  • IMG_7225
    BCF install 6 Epica small animal CT systems in the UK.
  • DSC02774
    BCF opens office in Delhi, India
  • IMG_6932
    BCF opens office in Vienne, France
  • IMG_6154
    BCF Ireland move to larger premises
  • Easi-Scan Curve bovine ultrasound scanner
    BCF Easi-Scan curve launched
  • IMG_3942
    BCF North America moves to larger offices in Rochester, Minnesota
  • DSC06582
    BCF move to new global head office in Strathclyde Business Park, Bellshill.
  • Vet Charity Challenge 2013 (3)
    BCF sponsor the Vet Charity Challenge 2013, raising a total of $67,000 for charity.
  • smartdisplay
    BCF launch Easi-Scan Smart Display
  • Uno_Slate_3_1012w
    BCF launch Cuattro range of Small Animal and Equine DR X-ray equipment and PACS
  • BCF 30 years
    BCF celebrate 30th year anniversary
  • Vet Charity Challenge 400x300
    BCF are key sponsor of Vet Charity Challenge
  • J052_316-Edit
    BCF Launch Lifetime Warranty for Easi-Scan in UK, Ireland and USA
  • Dundalk BCF Technology
    Opening of BCF service centre in Dundalk Ireland
  • George Bowie profile 400x300
    BCF founder George Bowie retires
  • Abdominal%20videos
    BCF launch first free 'How to' online learning videos
  • Easi-scan Remote Display
    Launch of Easi-Scan remote display
  • BCF Foundation
    BCF Foundation created
  • Easi-scan 3 400x300
    Launch of 3rd generation of Easi-Scan
  • Bugs 400x300
    Launch of BUGs (BCF Universal Goggles)
  • USA Office 400x300
    BCF American office opens in Rochester, Minnesota
  • BCF Tailend Office 400x300
    Move of BCF Head Office to Starlaw Road, Livingston, Scotland
  • BCF Irish Service Engineer
    BCF launched in Ireland – first Irish BCF presence with directly employed sales engineer
  • Ovi-scan 6 BCF Technology
    Launch of BCF Ovi-Scan version 6
  • cropped1
    BCF start providing Kodak CR X-ray equipment
  • Mini-Scan
    BCF Launch Mini-Scan
  • BCF world map copy
    BCF starts international distribution of Easi-Scan
  • Easi-scan 1 400x300
    Launch of original Easi-Scan with a linear array
  • Alan Picken Profile image 400x300
    Alan Picken purchases BCF from founder George Bowie
  • BCF Duo-Scan
    BCF launch first backpack scanner Duo-Scan
  • BCF australia office
    BCF Australasia offices open (in those days, called “Televid”)
  • BCF Ovi-Scan 4
    BCF launch Ovi-Scan 4 sheep scanner
  • Brucefield Service Overview 400x300
    BCF move to offices in Brucefield, Livingston
  • 3rd party products
    BCF start selling scanners from other third party suppliers
  • BCF Vetscan 2
    BCF Launch Vetscan
  • Mechanical Sector Probe 200x150
    BCF introduce mechanical sector probe
  • Company launch
    Start of BCF Technology with a focus on ultrasound for animal husbandry
  • Diasonograph
    Breakthroughs in real time ultrasound. Launch of Diasonograph a breakthrough in real time ultrasonography
  • Professor Ian Donald 350x300
    Professor Donald, creates first B mode ultrasound scanner at Queen Mother's Hospital in Glasgow and Glasgow University.