IMV imaging testimonials and reviews

Find out what our customers say about us. Video reviews of IMV imaging customers speaking about their veterinary ultrasound equipment.

  • "I really like the Easi Scan. It is easy to use, light weight and small enough that it does not get in the way when going in and out of the chute. I also use the bug googles they are light in weight very easy to see the screen. I have owned mine for over a year and done a lot of cattle it still works as good as the day i got it. Very impressed with the durability and the cost is very reasonable compared to other products."
  • "The Easi-Scan has become my indispensable companion. I would not want to go to work without it. This product has increased my productivity by improving my speed and accuracy, not to mention my confidence. Of all the equipment I use in my business, Easi-Scan has been one of the best values."
  • "BCF has brought preg testing out of the dark ages and into the modern world With the help of the remote wireless monitor, my customers now get to see the fetus and feel much more connected to the process."