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  • Wireless ultrasound monitor Remote Display with stand

Remote Display

Wireless ultrasound monitor


Remote Display

Remote Display is a wireless ultrasound monitor for Easi-Scan and Duo-Scan ultrasound machines. Yes, we said wireless so you can have a full range of movement. You can make diagnoses, consult with a client or even teach others making it an excellent choice for a primary or secondary viewing device.

Key points

  • Faster diagnoses with an easy to see ultrasound image
  • Easier consultations with a bovine ultrasound monitor to share images
  • Adaptable to meet your needs


Additional Details


Below are the options for your Easi-Scan Remote Display. All packages include the Easi-Scan Remote Display, one battery and a neoprene sleeve. All options are described below:

  • Easi-Scan battery

    Complete a whole day of scanning hassle-free with your long lasting Easi-Scan batteries. Easi-Scan comes with two batteries that can last up to seven hours in the standby mode. They have a 4-hour life with normal use. The batteries weigh less than 1.5 pounds and clip to the front of your ultrasound machine.

  • Gorilla tripod

    The Gorilla Tripod allows you to use the Easi-Scan Remote Display Monitor hands-free. With it you can attach the monitor to a gate, chute or anything else you see. You can also use it as a tripod to set on a table. The legs are flexible, but stay in place when adjusted. The Easi-Scan Remote Display clips onto the tripod to provide reliable support while you are scanning. You don’t need to worry about your ultrasound monitor being dropped or damaged.

  • Laurence Cuinu_May 12, 2011-52

    Easi-Scan Remote Display carry strap

    Use the carry strap with your Easi-Scan Remote Display to keep your hands free. It attaches securely to the handle of the ultrasound monitor. It will also help you keep it safe and with you at all times.

  • Easi-Scan Battery Charger

    Easi-Scan battery charger

    Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner car battery charger

    The battery charger is one option for charging your Easi-Scan batteries. It’s great for ultrasound machines on the move as it can be powered through a car power outlet or a standard wall outlet. Your batteries are fully charged in 5 hours, but won’t be damaged by continued charging.

  • easi-case

    Easi-Scan carry case

    Easi-Scan bovine ultrasound scanner suitcase charger

    Travel to your herd checks with the carry case keeping Easi-Scan and it accessories clean, dry and together. What makes this hard-sided case such a valuable accessory? It’s also a charging station for your ultrasound machine. The case charges two batteries simultaneously and can plug into a wall outlet or a car power outlet. Utilizing a carry case just makes Easi-Scan even easier.

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